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Thanks for all the great feedback from our appearance at the

In Between Days festival!!

"The Arbella Insurance Stage started off the day at noon with a rousing set from Quincy’s own The Gypsy Moths whose brand of Boston Rawk Americana went over especially well with the early attendees (Many a Gypsy Moths tee was spotted in the crowd) as they ripped through a set of hits and selections from their upcoming Sounds On full-length which drops on August 25th."     - rock and roll

"A classic start to the weekend, The Gypsy Moths had taken the reigns to start In Between Days. Bringing an 80s and nostalgic vibe to their sound, the early bird crowd couldn’t stop dancing. We got the chance to talk with them and take a few photos and can confirm they are absolutely the sweetest crew. If you’re into the local band scene and into music like Talking Heads, check out this group!"  - The Honey Pop

"I got there a couple of minutes late, and Quincy's own Gypsy Moths were already rocking the Arbella Insurance stage. Their classic Boston garage rock set the stage for the festival perfectly without sounding anything like any of the other bands on the bill."  - If It's Too Loud

"Thanks to its second stage, the festival will feature 10 local bands over the weekend. None are more local than the Gypsy Moths, a Quincy band with an impressive knack for writing the kind of catchy pop and R&B songs that would have been standouts if they’d appeared on a long-lost LP from a ‘60s British Invasion band. Five of the members graduated from high school on the same field where they’ll be kicking off the festival on Saturday." - The Boston Globe

"The lineup also seemed to have been chosen with an eye toward showcasing local talent as much as possible, with more than half hailing from Boston, Quincy or, close enough, Portland, Maine. The pub rock of Gypsy Moths started things off" - The Boston Globe


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